Southern Whisky Trails – Whisky tasting and tours in Victoria

Australia’s distillers are passionate and talented, and they’re producing world class spirits. Their small artisan batches are making a big impact, as are the sensational whisky bars popping up around Australia. Join Southern Whisky Trails on one of our tours today!


It was never about finding the best whisky – Scottish, Japanese, Tasmanian, single malt, bourbon, peated, double distilled, single cask, small barrel, French oak, sherry cask, aged – there is of course no such thing. It was about our journey of discovery.

It began with an enthusiasm for whisky and pride in Australia’s growing craft whisky industry. Based in Melbourne ourselves, we are keen to explore Victoria’s energetic whisky scene – the distilleries embarking on first releases and gaining international recognition, and the fantastic whisky bars promoting them and sharing rich and subtle flavours from around the globe.

We’re interested in the history of this aqua vita and the distilling process, learning about both new and time honoured techniques, and seeing Australia’s whisky story evolve.

Whisky is the prism through which we explore the cities and the regions – the scenery, the local produce, distilling trends and the stories and people behind the craft.

We’re discovering southern whisky trails across Victoria and beyond, and we’d love for you to join us.

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To experience the best that Victoria and other regions have to offer – in scenery, local produce and whisky trails – enquire about our signature tours today.